My name is Scott Fennie. I am a 20 year old college student, and the creator of The Shared Story.


About a year ago, around election time in the U.S. I decided that I would watch the news in an attempt to educate myself, keep up with current events, and be a productive member of society. Every day I watched the news and read articles from many different sources. After only a few weeks I had become convinced that the world was doomed. Alright, perhaps that is slightly dramatic, but I did feel that our world was an extremely divided place. Every news source weaved its political agenda into its articles, never forgetting to paint their opponents or those who did not share their viewpoints as the enemy. These lines in the sand create hostility in our society, and ultimately leaves us divided, weaker, and full of hate for our neighbors. I have always wished the best for this world, so this division deeply upset me and I began to think of a way to counter it. I decided that although it is inevitable that we will disagree and have differing opinions, it is imperative that we choose not to solely focus on these disagreements. If we are to improve as a global society we must spend our time focusing on our similarities. I remembered reading about the early days of global exploration, when two polar groups first came into contact with one another, although they lived different lives in completely different environments, they found common ground through shared stories. Today we all live very different lives, but stories about important moments in our lives reveal the one thing we all have in common, our humanity. I decided that I would create a place where anyone could share a meaningful story from their life, and read the stories of others from around the world. Many months later, it is finally complete! My hope is that this website will be a database of the human experience. I hope that our similarities, the things that make us human, are displayed through our stories. I hope that by understanding our shared similarities, biases are destroyed and eyes are opened. I hope that this website will be a place where people begin to see that we are more alike then unalike, because I believe that we are stronger when we are united. Thank you for participating, now lets unite the world through stories!


To post your story, simply click on the “share your story” button on the homepage, or select the “share your story” button from the menu screen. Once the new page is loaded simply fill out the form and click the “submit” button when finished. Your story will be posted to the website within 24 hours. Thank you for sharing your story!


To read stories from the database you simply need to visit the homepage and scroll down. From there, the website will automatically present you with a randomized selection of stories. Enjoy!