All it is is the inferior form of fulfillment.
Happiness is the excitement we feel when things go right our lives.
It is a rush of endorphins, that’s all.
Yet we all seek it as if it were a cure to our current awful situation.
When achieved it is a brief injection of morphine.
When it leaves, it leaves us emptier than before.
Happiness was sold to us by a conman.
What we truely all seek is fulfillment.
While happiness is fleeting,
Fulfillment is eternal.
Hapiness is found in manmade things, things we can touch.
Fulfillment is found in things more meaningful.
It is found in the spirit.
Fulfillment is found when we become a generator of good, when we do things to benefit the spirits of others.
Fulfillment does not require riches or social status.
Fulfilment is a choice given to all humans equally.
We are all given limited time on this planet.
Many of us will chase happiness,
consuming it like a drug, the addiction only creating bitterness within us.
A few, however, will find the true reward life has to offer.
Fulfillment has no age requirement,
it knows no politics.
We have all been give a choice.
Will we continue our treasure hunt for hapiness, or will we put good back into the world and become fulfilled?
It’s up to you.