Newly married, my wife and I were each working two jobs, and like many young newlyweds, still living paycheck to paycheck and trying to determine a career path that would allow us to raise a family and live the kind of life we dreamed of.

I applied for jobs at several large companies, but couldn’t seem to get my foot in the door. I met a man my age at our apartment who shared his story of landing a great job, and offered to help.

Embarrassed, I reluctantly invited him over and he reviewed an application I was trying to complete. He shared his time, and ability to position my strengths in a way that caught an employer’s eye. Shortly afterward I received an interview. He coached me on the process, and even loaned me a suit!

I was offered the job and 32 years later… I am still working for that company! Although we moved and lost touch, I’ll never forget the random act of kindness that enabled us to launch a career and fulfill our dreams. Thanks Ed!