A daughter was visiting and admired a painting in our home by a well known artist living in our city. Wondering if he was still alive, we found him living in poverty in a tiny studio with his wife, no utilities,and a leaking roof. Their home had been condemned by the City and they had been evicted, both in their late seventies. We recruited volunteers, pulled all artwork out of the studio, and arranged an art show in a neighborhood chapel. The response was overwhelming and hundreds of people attended and purchased his works. Many of them had art hanging in their homes and offices and had simply “forgotten about him.” We recruited an attorney who worked with the City to bring their home up to code at no cost and we all moved them back into their home with money from the art show to take care of their needs. He painted from his home until he died. The entire group of volunteers have remained connected through this wonderful man and his wife….who simply needed a helping hand…..

Roberta R.